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Dr. Gary Lam

While many people begin to feel uneasy and fearful at the mere mention of visiting the dentist, especially children, at Star Dental you can be rest assured that any fears about the dentist are quite unfounded! Not only will Dr. Gary Lam provide you with the most pleasant and comprehensive exams and procedures available, but  as an experienced pediatric dentist serving Long Beach, your child can feel at ease when visiting the dentist.

Our experienced and professional staff will be there every step of the way to answer any questions you may have as well as assuage any concerns about the procedures, insurance coverage, or whatever else may be on your mind about the dental work at hand.

Dr. Gary Lam offers pediatric dentistry to patients in the Long Beach area and accepts many of the plans through Covered California! Dr. Gary Lam understands how important it is in establishing good oral health early in your child’s life. Whether needing braces, fillings, or even wisdom teeth removal, Dr. Gary Lam is the number one orthodontist of choice, along with a caring and understanding approach to pediatric dentistry.

Let us help you achieve the bright, white smile that you deserve! Contact Dr. Gary Lam by visiting our office in Long Beach, completing our contact form or by calling 562-597-8104 today!


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My Favorite Dentist
My Favorite Dentist My teeth are clean and free of pain. I like to drink tea and the stains are gone.

— Phyllis Q.

My Favorite Dentist Five Stars

The Greatest...
The Greatest... The best experience I've ever had at the Dentist!

— Rodney D.

The Greatest Five Stars

Very pleased with dentist and staff
Very pleased with dentist and staff will recommend Star Dental to family and friends

— Fred H.

Very pleased five stars

Wonderful I have to say everyone was wonderful. The new hygienist was very gentle and attentive! Would definitely recommend Star Dental!

— Jordan E.